Government Experience is Advantage

Ed Miller

Founder, President, CEO

"Excellent customer service and knowledge separates us from the rest."

Physical security is Ed's passion. With over 50 years' high security experience, federal government customers regularly rely on his expertise. It was his desire to serve those customers with stand-out physical security experience and service values that inspired Ed to form Federal Security Systems in 1990. Before that, he spent over 27 years with a well-known safe and lock service company in the area, where he advanced from locksmith, to acquisitions manager, to vice president.

Darren Smith

Operations and Service Manager

"Long-term commitments to customers and staff members are crucial to maintaining expertise."

A physical security expert, Darren is a true Federal Security Systems success. Starting as an apprentice locksmith more than 10 years ago, he advanced to leadership roles on major projects for federal government clients. Today, Darren holds certifications from leading and specialty high security manufacturers. Customers appreciate Darren's understanding of physical and electronic security, and how each can be applied to serve their needs.