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Electronic Keys - ASSA

ASSACliqKeyclearProduct Features CLIQ

  • Audit Trail with Date and Time
  • Time Zoning
  • Ease of Installation
  • No Wires
  • Can Use Existing Door Prep
  • Power Supply is Provided by the Key
  • Data Transfer 64 Bit and Higher
  • Can be tied into specific Twin Max Master Key Systems
  • Battery Life of 2 Years or 20k Openings
  • Lifetime on Key Breakage

ASSA Concept 4 Access Control

The creation of an intelligent security system.

Concept 4 technology is derived from a built in electronics package within the ASSA cylinder and key.

Features of Concept 4:

Audit trail with date & time
No wires- ease of installation
UL437 mechanical cylinders
Optional HID Prox Chip embedded in key head
Ability to use existing door prep with ASSA Twin Maximum mechanical key system
Please contact your local ASSA sales representative or Customer Service for detailed information.

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