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High Security Door Cylinders and Keys - Medeco

Medeco CylindersMedeco Cylinders

All locks are not created equal. Medeco® cylinders provide a high degree of security by incorporating special design features inside each cylinder. Medeco cylinders offer superior pick resistance, are virtually bump proof, offer excellent resistance against drilling and other forced attacks, large number of combinations and a utility patent to protect against unauthorized key duplication.

Pick & Bump Attack Resistance

Pick and bump attack resistance is accomplished through the use of specially designed pins that must be elevated and rotated to an exact position in order for the lock to operate. False slots on the sides of the pins, along with mushroom shaped top pins, and with the incorporation of the reciprocal slider mechanism, further enhance the cylinder's pick resistance.

Drilling Resistance

To resist drilling, hardened steel inserts are used to protect critical areas of the plug face, shell and sidebar. Additional drill resistance is provided by hardened steel rods inside the bottom pins and selective use of hardened steel top pins.
Unauthorized Duplication
Protection against the unauthorized duplication of keys is accomplished through the use of strong utility patents and strict factory key control policies. Additional restriction on key cutting occurs due to fact that a special key cutting must be used at accurately reproduce the critical angled cuts on a Medeco key.


What Does High Security Mean?

To be considered truly high security, cylinders and locks are tested by independent testing laboratories to meet specific performance criteria.
Passing UL437 and BHMA's rigid testing procedures reaffirms Medeco³'s ability to protect people and property. Medeco³ builds on Medeco's over 40 years of lock engineering innovation and takes security to the next level while still offering the highest level of protection against unauthorized key duplication.


Tests prescribed in Underwriters Laboratory Standard for Safety for Key Locks are primarily design to measure a locking cylinder's ability to resist physical attack.


10,000 cycle endurance test
Resistance to picking or key fitting tests
Attack resistance tests
- Forcing, drilling, sawing, prying, pulling, and plug driving, and corrosion resistance in a salt fog chamber.
While Medeco³ cylinders meet or exceed UL437 criteria, most common or standard cylinders available today do not meet these minimum guidelines.

ANSI/BHMA A156.30 Level A Certification

Builders Hardware Manufacturing Association (BHMA) standards are certified by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) which works with industry leaders to provide manufacturers and consumers with product quality and performance ratings based on preset criteria and standardized testing. BHMA standard A156.30-2003, approved and adopted by ANSI, covers high security cylinders and was developed by BHMA to provide specific guidance as to which products can be considered as high security cylinders. Medeco³ cylinders have been tested to BHMA's highest certification level by an independent laboratory and achieved certification in the high security cylinders category. The cylinders meet or exceed BHMA A156.30 criteria for strength and durability, key control, and surreptitious entry resistance.
Other Medeco products, including Biaxial cylinders, KeyMark cylinders, and Maxum deadbolts, have also been tested and certified Grade 1 to BHMA A156.5-2001 criteria for strength and durability