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High Security Door Cylinders and Keys

GSA standards met with master key and SCIF hardware

High security door cylinders and keys – including master key and SCIF hardware – built to meet or exceed GSA standards.

Our experienced lock technicians retrofit or rekey current locks, and install new high security locks and key systems.

Features include Benefits include

SCIF hardware

UL437-listed systems

Key control, end-user keyways

Retrofit or standalone locks

Prices guaranteed in writing

1-year service warranty

24-hour, on-call technicians

Architectural Hardware Consultant (AHC)

High Security Door Cylinders and Keys: Products and Manufacturers

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ASSA High Security Lock Products

Mortise and Rim CylindersASSA's family of high security products can accommodate a wide variety of both institutional and residential applications. We offer a full line of cylinders designed to retrofit the leading lock manufacturers' locksets along with our own stand alone deadbolts, padlocks, and auxiliary locks. ASSA locks employ a patented dual locking mechanism that renders the lock virtually pick proof. This unique operation has allowed us to develop a patented key control system which protects against unauthorized duplication of keys and that can be master keyed into a security system to fit any customer's needs. All ASSA high security products are listed under U.L. 437, a set of tests used to determine a product's physical resistance against various forms of attack.

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Medeco CylindersMedeco Cylinders

All locks are not created equal. Medeco® cylinders provide a high degree of security by incorporating special design features inside each cylinder. Medeco cylinders offer superior pick resistance, are virtually bump proof, offer excellent resistance against drilling and other forced attacks, large number of combinations and a utility patent to protect against unauthorized key duplication.

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Medeco Electronic Line