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AmericanLock Logo200ALL American Lock® products can be customized to meet your specific needs. American Lock's make-to-order capabilities allow us to create tailored security solutions for your applications. We also take security to the next level, with innovations that include BumpStop® Advanced Cylinder Technology, Edge™ Key Control System and Weatherbuilt™ Padlock Protection.
Their Solid Steel Padlocks are the strongest padlocks available and offer the highest protection for commercial buildings, industrial plants and perimeters, remote or unattended properties and high risk areas. Their hardened, triple plated steel bodies resist break-in attempts, corrosion, rust and debris.
American's Solid Brass Padlocks resist moisture, including saltwater, offering ideal protection to equipment and buildings in the harshest outdoor or corrosive environments. They're ideal for protecting marine equipment, industrial plants and perimeters, sheds, gates and outbuildings.
American's Solid Aluminum Padlocks are made from an exclusive aluminum alloy, offering protection similar to brass in most harsh or caustic environments. They're a less expensive way to protect utility storage areas, sheds, gates and outbuildings.

MasterLock logo blkMaster Lock is recognized around the world as the authentic, enduring name in padlocks and security products. Since their founding in 1921, they have worked hard to earn and maintain the trust of their customers by delivering on the promise of strength and quality and by continually setting new standards for lock design, application and performance. As the largest global manufacturer and marketer of padlocks, they continue to build the founder's passion for innovation, quality, and compelling value into our expanding lines of security solutions.

Standalone Access Control Solutions - Trilogy Networx



Trilogy Networx™ Locks support 802.11 or ethernet to save time, money and eliminate programming and retrieving audit trail information at the door




Trilogy Networx Locks eliminate door-to-door programming and audit trail retrieval by communicating wirelessly via Ethernet or 802.11B/G, while providing all original Trilogy standalone lock's functionality. They provide a quick, easy, economical access system with advanced features & functions, like automatic schedules, event logs and support for 2000 doors and 5000 existing Prox. ID Cards/Badges, but with no wires to run, and no access panels or power supplies to buy or install. At its simplest, it's one Grade 1 durable wireless lock per door, installed in about an hour, all communicating to a single Gateway (each gateway controls up to 63 locks), networked to any non-dedicated Windows-based PC. In addition to Wireless Trilogy Networx' unsurpassed battery-life, exceeding 5 years, they feature new network-wide capabilities, executed from any lock or the network's PC, including emergency priority global lockdown or unlock deployed in seconds, and you can activate (non-priority) system-wide free-passage or locking modes from the PC. For existing Trilogy installations, original standalone and new Trilogy Networx locks can seamlessly share one common database hosted on free Alarm

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Standalone Access Control Solutions - Arrow Revolution

RevolutionThe Arrow Revolution stand-alone touchscreen lock combines the functional elements of a cylindrical lockset with the latest technological designed for electronic aesthetic. Users benefit from a simple interaction with the lock through a voice guided touch keypad, making day to day use and programming easy. It provides a traffic control solution for areas requiring restricted access. If necessary, both users and user groups can be easily locked out by the administrator. This feature provides a quick lockout option in case of a security concern.

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